Report: North Korean Nuke Base Tunnel Collapses, 200 Dead, Fears of Massive Radioactive Leak

north korea nuclear site accident

There are fears of a massive radioactive leak after it was reported that a tunnel has collapsed on October 10th at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site, killing at least 200 people. The collapse of a tunnel at Punggye-ri’s underground testing site was reported by Japan’s TV Asahi as a major nuclear disaster, which prompted fears of a massive radioactive leakage that has the potential to become similar to Fukushima or Chernobyl.

A news agency from South Korea, Yonhap news respectively was quoting a Pyongyang official who explained that the collapse occurred during the construction of an additional underground tunnel at  Punggye. The initial tunnel collapse killed some 100 workers who were trapped underground, while another 100 were killed in the rescue operation following the incident.

According to specialists, the accident was provoked by a weakening in the mountain due to North Korea’s 6th and most powerful nuclear test. As per South China Morning Post, clouds of radioactive dust and gas may spread in the region if the mountain peak crumbles. The Punggye-ri’s underground testing site is basically an artificial tunnel dug deep into the side of Mount Mantap. The peak collapse would create a huge environmental disaster which may affect China especially, but also South Korea, Russia and Japan.

This could explain why the North Koreans are evacuating the eastern regions under the guise of an exercise – seems they could have a huge environmental problem.

If the North Korean site collapses due to flagrant disregard as to the common sense limit on how many underground explosions it can stand, with a catastrophic escape of radioactive material, then retribution by the international community will surely be swift.