Report: Trump’s Senior Adviser Steve Bannon Banished!

steve bannon

According to various press reports, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and political strategist Steve Bannon was fired by the POTUS on Friday afternoon. Steve Bannon is a former Goldman Sachs/ Breitbart News executive and one of the earliest Trump supporters. Some called him the architect behind Donald Trump’s policies, but that’s a stretch in this writer’s opinion.

As Breitbart‘s Maggie Haberman claims, Steve Bannon already submitted his resignation on August 7th. The failing NYT reports that President Donald Trump has discussed with some of his senior aides that he has decided to fire Steve Bannon, the highly controversial (in the MSM’ view) WH chief strategist, a quintessential player in the 2016 election cycle and a political operative who definitely helped the Donald to win.

The firing of Steve Bannon is highly controversial among Trump’s fan base, considering that now-banished Bannon was one of the “first responders” to jump on board the Trump Train back in 2015. For many, Bannon’s dismissal sounds like a betrayal of Trump’s conservative base, as with him left, there’s basically no one in the POTUS’ inner circle to speak up for the interests of conservatives.

Bannon was often accused by the mainstream media of being racist and anti-semitic and even some of Trump’s insiders decried his ham handed leaking and self promotion. Roger Stone claims that Donald Trump was very disturbed by Steve Bannon’s vanity-bio entitled “Devil’s Bargain” which boasts a subtitle called “Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and The Storming of the Presidency.”, as Steve Bannon seems to take full credit for Trump’s strategy which led to the historic win of 2016’s presidential election.

Bannon is also accused of covering for Priebus and engineering the ascent of Rex Tillerson at State, who is regarded as a quintessential neocon, while Trump campaign veterans were not being hired in Trump’s administration.

Photo REUTERS/Joshua Roberts.