Reports: US Considers ‘Bloody Nose’ Attack on North Korea

US Considers 'Bloody Nose' Attack on North Korea

Tensions seem to bubble up amid news that North and South Korea prepare to meet for discussing conflict resolution via diplomatic means. President Trump is now analyzing a risk strategy as Pyongyang and Seoul officials proceeded with diplomatic talks on Tuesday in a small village on their countries’ militarized border.

While the Korean officials are discussing about a possible participation of North Korea in the upcoming South Korean Olympics, which may signal North’s desire to lower tensions in the region, US officials are quietly discussing whether it’s possible to engage in a bloody-nose/limited strike of sorts against North Korea’s military, more precisely ICBM launching sites, without sparking a devastating conflict (for South Korea mostly) in the region.

The notion of a “bloody nose” military strike is for the US to “react” (as in attack) following a new missile/nuclear test purported by Pyongyang. The preemptive strike would target a NKorean military facility to bloody the crazy fat kid’s nose, or something along these lines, thus making him understand that his behavior has consequences and there’s a high price to pay for defying Uncle Sam. And the hope on US’ part is that such a preemptive strike would not incite a full-scale war in the Korean peninsula.

However, this is a very risky strategy, to say the least, and whether it’s feasible is still debated by Trump’s administration luminaries. Besides nuclear weapons, North Korea boasts its more than 15,000 pieces of artillery, most of them targeting Seoul (a city with millions of people) which is very close to the border, i.e. within striking range. Tens of thousands of South Koreans may be  killed in a matter of minutes provided North Korea decides to retaliate against a US strike, not to mention tens of thousands of US soldiers massed across the border who would instantly become sitting ducks following an all out artillery barrage.

North Korea’s newly found friendship with its southern neighbor is nothing more than an attempt to drive a wedge between US and South Korea, thus reducing the possibility of military action against Pyongyang. It’s a chess move basically.

Negotiations with North Korea will continue to be fruitless – serving only to give the North ever more time to improve its nuclear capabilities. The real source of our problems is China, which has continuously supported Pyongyang for decades: militarily, economically and technologically, thus bringing North Korea ever closer to the ability to deliver nuclear warheads with accuracy onto targets thousands of miles away. What should have been done long ago is this:

Washington to Beijing: “Starting next month, we’ll impose a tariff on all Chinese imports of 1%, followed by another 1% the following month, then another, etc., until such time North Korea dismantles its nuclear warheads and delivery systems – AND China commences the datelining of it fortified artificial islands. How all this is done is China’s problem. RSVP.”

Curtailing China’s trade with the American consumer-driven economy would spell economic disaster for China.Trade war? The alternative may be hot war with North Korea and/or China.