Republican Lawmaker Calls on AG Jeff Sessions to Do his Job or Step Aside! (VIDEO)

meadows blasts jeff sessions

This is big: during Sean Hannity’s show on Wednesday, Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Gaetz (R-FL) were invited to discuss special counsel Robert Mueller so-called investigation on Russia collusion, an investigation described (and by now proven to be) as a witch hunt against President Trump. Rep Mark Meadows is a very important Republican, i.e. the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, while Gaetz is also a member of the Freedom Caucus.

And here’s the kicker: Mark Meadows gave an ultimatum to do-nothing AG Jeff Sessions, calling for him to do his job or step aside:

Rep. Mark Meadows: Maybe we need to have a Special Prosecutor to investigate the investigators. And we’re here to tell you tonight, not only do we have task force that is being set up under Chairman Gowdy and Chairman Goodlatte that includes Jim Jordan, myself, John Radcliffe, Jim Buck, we’re working with Matt Gaetz and Ron DeSantis to get to the bottom of it. But the American people have had enough… The time is now for Jeff Sessions to do his job. And if he doesn’t do his job he needs to step aside and let somebody else do it.


This train left the station three recusations ago. Here’s a question for him: If FBI agent Peter Stroke (sic?) was fired/demoted/reassigned in July, what’s he doing interviewing Gen. Flynn in December? Now, if you ask me, I’m actually feeling more hopeful about Sessions. In late October and throughout November, the DOJ has put out 4200 sealed indictments throughout the US. Usually there are maybe 100 a year.

That means something big is happening, and it looks increasingly likely Sessions has been doing a lot out of the public and even private eye. Christmas and the New Year should have fireworks.