Republican Leaders Ready to Burn President Trump on Border Wall

Despite the fact that Republicans now control both the United States Senate and House of Representatives, not to mention the Presidency, the party’s leaders are ready to burn Donald Trump as they’re about to cut funding for the US-Mexico border wall in order to win DEM’s approval in the Senate for various other projects deemed more important than Trump’s core campaign promise of a border fence aimed at blocking drug trafficking and illegal immigration in the US.

Less than one hundred days into President Trump’s first term in the White House, the GOP leaders are ready to betray him and defund the border wall to woo Senate DEMs.

According to reports, GOP leaders are now ready to put the kibosh on President Donald Trump’s hugely popular campaign promise to build a wall at the US-Mexico border, as Senator Roy Blunt, a top Republican leader told reporters on Tuesday that the GOP “elite” doesn’t want to include President Trump’s spending for his “big beautiful wall” in the spring budget (due by April 28th).

The Hill quoted Roy Blunt as it follows:

“All of the committees, the leaderships of the House and Senate, are working together to try to finalize the rest of the FY17 [budget spending] bill. My guess is that comes together better without the [border] supplemental,”

The Republican Senator suggested that some border spending may be included in a separate budget for the military (as per 2017). This tacit retreat of GOP leaders amid Democratic opposition comes after Paul RINO Ryan’s epic failure with regard to the repeal/replacement of Obamacare and amid Republicans asking from Donald Trump to help them pass their tax cuts aimed at aiding companies and donors alike.

It’s obvious that Democrats are doing anything in their power to wreck Donald Trump’s presidency by blocking and/or delaying everything, ranging from his cabinet members/SCOTUS etc to funding for his key campaign promises.

As for RINOs, let’s hope that voters will hold every single one of them accountable in the next election cycle.

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Source The Hill