Republican Texas Elector Says He Will Not Vote for Trump

Explains in NYT Op-Ed Why Won’t vote will of the People…

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So it begins: the first defection in the Electoral College was announced on Monday via an Op-Ed in the New York Times. Christopher Suprun, a Republican elector from Texas wrote an article in the NYT explaining his reasons for which he will not vote the will of the people in his state as he will not be casting his vote in the Electoral College for the president elect Donald J. Trump. Let me quote directly from the article:

“The election of the next president is not yet a done deal. Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the country. Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience. Trump lacks the foreign policy experience and demeanor needed to be commander in chief”

writes Suprun in the New York Time Op-Ed, referring to Donald Trump’s choice for (retired) Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as his national security adviser. The Texan elector adds that Trump’s personal business dealings while POTUS are representing (in his view) a conflict of interest which may end up with his impeachment in his first year in office, thus provoking a constitutional crisis.

The United States Constitution requires for the Electoral College to convene and basically rubber stamp the results of the presidential election before they become official. However, this year seems to be different, as some electors announced that they will not respect the will of the people and they’ll flee in record numbers compared to previous elections.

There are 538 electors in the United States and 26 states bind their electors to pick the winner of the popular vote, but Texas in not included among these. In his NYT Op-Ed, Christopher Suprun says that he has a problem with the Donald because, in his view, he is not qualified for the office as he tweets “day and night” attacking the mainstream media for their bias, yet he allegedly waited 2 days before presenting his condolences after the Ohio State Islamic-related terrorist attack.

This is a very curious accusation as Donald Trump is world-known as one of the very few politicians who constantly talked during his campaign about Islamic terrorism (a term never used by the likes of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton) and Muslim immigration in the United States as a problem that must be mitigated as soon as possible. Also, the Donald proposed an extremely strict vetting system with regards to immigrants originating from terror-prone countries and he advocates zero tolerance for ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

Also, Christopher Suprun blasted Donald Trump as being a demagogue and “not independent from foreign influence”, a racist and violence-inciting person who must be stopped by the Electoral College at all costs, basically parroting 100% the “Never Trump” smear campaign in the mainstream media.

The cherry on top, as far as weird and baseless accusations go, is that Trump “may have” violated the Cuban embargo and one of his advisers, Stephen Bannon respectively is a big fan of Darth Vader and also a Leninist, which makes Donald Trump a Sith lord by any metrics.

Source: The New York Times