Republicans Emerge as President Trump’s Biggest Obstacle

With Friends Like These…

Donald Trump won the election despite all the interference (read partisanship and bias) from the mainstream media and even from his own party, not to mention Democrats; however, now that he’s in office pursuing his campaign promises, Congressional REPs have a lot of complaints (again) about the new White House occupier(pun intended).

Some of his so called allies and I am talking about Republicans here are already describing President Trump’s proposed budget as being careless, counterproductive and even draconian.

About the new healthcare bill, there’s little hope it will pass through the REP dominated congress while Donald Trump’s allegation about the former president Obama wiretapping his New York headquarters via UK’s spy agencies, well, this is “inexplicable” according to Republicans.

With friends like these, who needs enemies Democrats one may ask?

President Trump is 2 months into office and by now it became increasingly obvious that one of the biggest obstacles to his presidency proved to be his own party (as expected actually, that’s why the RINO term was invented in the first place), the Republicans in Congress, which are seemingly doing a great job with  jeopardizing his political agenda, making sure he can’t deliver on some of his biggest campaign promises, such as healthcare reform and the US Mexico border wall.

President Trump’s attempt to overhaul the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by embracing the GOP’s new healthcare plan is facing steep opposition from across the entire political spectrum and the same is true for his push to go on with the border wall at US taxpayer expense.

His first 53 pages draft of the budget was rejected by Republicans who joked about, let me quote, there’s a fat chance for a skinny budget on Capitol Hill, end quote.

Donald Trump’s radical tax reform and infrastructure plans also failed to get real traction in the Republican dominated Congress. However, the President insisted on Friday during his meeting with Angela Merkel that everything is fine, i.e. the Republicans are working with him as he’s leading a party set on doing what’s best for America:

“I think we have a very unified party. I think actually more unified than even the election. You see when they talk about me, I seem to be very popular, at least this week within the party.”

After a series of controversial (and contested) executive orders, President Trump seems to have reached his limits on what he can do without Congress. That means the President will have to struggle bitterly to win the hearts and minds of his presumed fellow Republicans, starting with the repeal/replace of the Obamacare and the introduction of a new health bill.

This will be the first real-life test of whether the President can take over a fractious Republican Party and rally REP leaders for supporting his major legislative initiatives.

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