Republicans To File Contempt Action Against DOJ, FBI After Stonewall

Trump Mueller conspiracy

Devin Nunes, who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee threatened to slap contempt of Congress citations on FBI  Director Christopher Wray  and the Justice Department’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for withholding details (basically stonewalling) from his committee since August. This started after the NYT and WaPo, the quintessential fake news-anti Trump outlets, reported yesterday in what seems to be an orchestrated move that in July of 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller decided to remove a top FBI official from the investigation into the Russian collusion/interference/whatever in 2016’s presidential election. The reason for the FBI investigator’s removal was a series of anti Trump messages, or something along these lines.

California Rep. Devin Nunes made an official statement on Saturday night which reads:

“I have instructed House Intelligence Committee staff to begin drawing up a contempt of Congress resolution for DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray,”

Just 5 weeks ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan also accused both the FBI and the DOJ of stonewalling  House Intelligence Committee’s subpoena, i.e. they failed to deliver pertinent intel on the influence of the so-called Trump dossier had over DOJ’s decision to pursue the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Paul Ryan has said at the time that the DOJ was preparing to deliver the respective intel to the House Intelligence Committee; however, the documents failed to materialize, hence the stonewalling accusation. After yesterday’s coordinated leaks via the mainstream media, Nunes learned that one of Mueller’s senior aides, FBI’s Peter Strzok respectively, a person who played a crucial role in the DOJ’s collusion investigation was removed/reassigned for expressing anti Trump sentiments, while he appeared to favor Hillary.

Prior to the Russia collusion investigation, Peter Strzok was deeply involved in FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server extravaganza, i.e. her mishandling of classified intel. As it finally turned out, FBI tried to conceal Peter Strzok’s anti Trump bias from the House Intelligence Committee, hence drama ensued. Obviously, both President Trump and the Republicans pointed to these revelations as new evidence that the entire Russia story had been obviously politically motivated:

She lost the election. So they NEEDED to manufacture an excuse for her loss. It was “collusion with the Russians!”, they claimed. And they had some information that they could mold to at least give the perception of truthfulness to their claim. Why, hadn’t Manafort been unlawfully dealing with the Ukrainians for years? “Oh, we have something here on which to latch our claim of Russian influence!”, they thought.

But then the media got hold of it. Psychotics like Joy Behar starting ranting about Russian collusion everyday. Top Democrats thought, “we can use this story to taint the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency!” But then it grew. The Democrat party leaders, with the help of the Republican leadership thought, “well, maybe we can use this to force Trump from office, yes?” So they gave the media the talking points and before you knew it, there were calls for a special investigation into the links between the Trump campaign and those dastardly Ruskies.

“Appoint a special counsel!” became the cry. And so here we are, with a partisan “prosecutor”, who overlooked the actual Hillary crimes when he ran things. Here we are, with the Democrats, with help from a majority of the Republican leadership, the media, and about 40% of our fellow citizens working very hard to undue a duly elected president, based upon a fiction. What will the rest of us do if they succeed? What will it do to the fabric of civil relations between citizens? What pot are these people stirring? What are they really trying to do here? A friend of mine once argued that when he was president, Obama just wanted to create confusion, create chaos, so as to foment hostility, break the fabric of civil society down. Then, and only then, could the regressive left begin to rebuild this nation into the nation IT envisioned. I’m wondering if that friend was on to something?

This is a Conspiracy to Overthrow the President and here’s how:

Today with the deep news of FBI corruption we see how the special counsel came about.
Rod Rosenstein sent Trump a letter telling him to fire Comey. Trump did so.
Comey then called for a special counsel, not knowing Rosenstein and Mueller had simply used him as a fired dupe to get Mueller into the job. Rosenstein thru Mueller is now trying to accuse Trump of obstruction for firing a person he told him to fire.

It has come out that the Clinton email investigation and the Trump-dossier FBI investigation that led to a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump team were corrupt operations. Both used pro Hillary lead FBI investigators, and in the dossier, Kremlin disinformation to spy on Trump and try to impeach him.
Rosenstein, the FBI and Mueller all tried to cover this up. And are still doing so because all three of them are part of a conspiracy to impeach the President of the United States.

What’s more, as Congress moves farther into this it will be proven that the FBI used the dossier to start this investigation, meaning the whole thing is rooted in corruption.

The race is now on. The Democrats are trying to shut down the Congressional Committees to stop more being uncovered. Mueller is racing to get enough to impeach Trump before more is uncovered. The Conspirators are now operating on a time window. They must bring charges and shut down investigations before their Conspiracy is exposed.