Reset: DNC Fires Entire Staff

DNC’s Chairman Tom Perez who is the former Labor Secretary under Barack Obama and recently took over over the Democratic party in late February in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s November defeat has basically fired his entire staff, asking every employee to submit their resignation letter dated April 15th.

The Democratic National Committee reset is due to the series of scandals which plagued the DEMs all through the 2016 election cycle. One of the most notable happenings from 2016 is the revelation of Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who intentionally sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Also, her replacement, Donna Brazile respectively, colluded with Hillary Clinton’s team by passing them in advance the debate questions of Town Hall discussions with Sanders.

NBC now reports that the new DNC Chairman has decided to totally clean house after he took over the DEMs leadership from Donna Brazile. The mass firing “nuclear option” can be regarded as an opportunity for Tom Perez  for a fresh start with his own people and to re-think the strategy of the Democratic party in the following years under Trump’s iron rule (pun intended).

Staffers were probably expecting a major reshuffling of the Democratic party organization with Tom Perez as the new DNC boss, i.e. this move is hardly a surprise for seasoned observers of the political scene.

Earlier in February, Tom Perez told Chuck Todd via an appearance on Meet the Press that he plans for a culture change at the Democratic National Committee and he compared his party to a defective airplane flying at 20,000 feet. His metaphor was that you can’t repair a busted plane in mid-flight nor you can land it, shut it down and wait for a miracle.

What Tom Perez failed to admit is that the DEMs have a big problem and one may actually wonder if he even realizes what the problem is. Identity politics is not working anymore and the Democratic Party is in the process of consuming itself into oblivion, which is not a bad thing after all.

We can also expect for Rachel Maddow to explain to her stunned audience how the Democratic National Committee was actually infiltrated by Putin’s spies coordinating with The Donald’s MAGA team, hence the mass firing of all the black folks who worked there under Barack Obama’s presidency and their probable replacement with La Raza members.