Riots in London After 25-year-Old Man (Edir Frederico Da Costa) Dies in Police Custody (VIDEOS)

london riots

Here’s a very recent video depicting a regular day in London (pun intended) following (oh the irony) anti brutality protests after a 25 year old black man died while in police custody. The so called protesters clashed with police and set street fires after a man having the improbable name of Edir Frederico Da Costa (an Arabic-Spanish name) succumbed 6 days after getting arrested on June 15th.

The rioters claim that Frederico has died due to injuries inflicted by racist cops during his arrest. Two London police officers were badly wounded in the clashes with the violent protesters on Sunday night.

The crazed rioters threw bricks at police officers and street fires were lit outside a police precinct and near the Stratford bus station. The riot police in full gear was confronted by furious protesters shouting the oh so familiar Black Lives Matter slogans “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and “we want justice”. Apparently, these people seem to believe that justice means setting your own city on fire and pelting police officers with bricks.



This type of street justice may be the norm in Pakistan, Burundi or Nigeria, but London used to be a very peaceful and civilized city until recently, but let that go; remember that diversity is our strength and open borders are awesome because reasons and feelings.

Despite the obvious crimes purported by the so called protesters, the likes of public arson and cops getting injured , London Metro Police performed zero (0) arrests, basically normalizing this type of behavior, most probably due to fears of getting called racist or xenophobe. Political correctness strikes again.

The victim’s family claims that Da Costa died of spine/head injuries after he was brutally beaten following his arrest on June 15. He died 6 days later. An official investigation is underway. Meanwhile, the post mortem examination of Edson Da Costa found zero spinal injuries. But forget about what the coroner says, the mob already made its judgement.