Roger Stone to Sue Twitter over Ban

roger stone to sue twitter over ban

A long time friend and associate of President Trump, Roger Stone Jr. announced he will sue Twitter after the social media giant banned his personal account from its platform. President Trump’s former adviser had his Twitter account banned (permanently suspended) following a tirade/rant  on Friday night, after the news broke that Robert Mueller will be filling his first charges in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. For further reference on the matter, read this: Claim: Mueller Probe First Charges Filed in Russia Investigation.

Roger Stone told The Wrap in an exclusive interview:

“I have retained one of the best telecommunications lawyers in the country and will be bringing a legal action against Twitter over the suspension of my account. The battle for free speech has just begun.

“I have been inundated on Twitter with bloggers threatening to kill me, my wife my kids and even my dogs yet Twitter seems unconcerned about that. This is just part and parcel of the tech lefts effort to silence conservative voices.”

Here are the tweets that led to Roger Stone getting permanently suspended:

Following the suspension, Roger Stone tweeted from another (connected) account:

 which is a cool Star Wars reference. If you ask me, I hope Roger does to Twitter what Hulk Hogan did to Gawker.  Sue the bastards out of business.

If all these social media companies (Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.) are going to censor and ban people, they are making subjective judgement. Especially if they do not have written policies and procedures that are strictly adhered to (and audited!). They are at very high risk of being liable for a whole host of charges and lawsuits concerning this. All anyone has to do is show a circumstance where someone else (maybe on the left side) did not receive the exact same treatment.

 Stone has every right to make the good faith case, a case I think is correct, that these various “platforms” have become the town square and free speech absolutely is protected on them. By the way,  from what I’ve heard, Twitter is already insolvent; it survives on VC capital.