Rogue Billboards Outside Google Offices Slam Company’s CEO

anti google ads

anti google adsAfter Google took the decision to fire one of its engineers who wrote something described as an anti-diversity manifesto, anti Google rogue-ads surfaced around Google’s offices in Venice, California. The ads are criticizing Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai who defended the firing of James Damore earlier this week.

Damore wrote a 3000 word essay that was circulated inside Google headquarters. The essay was aimed at starting a debate regarding Google’s so-called diversity policies, which in the author’s view are hurting the company. James Damore suggested quoting empirical/scientific evidence that there are biological differences between men and women and the respective differences could make women less qualified to work for Google or to hold various other jobs.

Obviously, not everybody was happy with Google firing its engineer and one of the rogue ads reads Goolag, a reference to the Soviet forced labor camps for the regime’s dissidents. Google’s Goolag is basically a politically correct echo chamber where dissent is not allowed under punishment of one losing their job.


Another ad targets Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai directly, comparing him to Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs, who would have been presumably more sympathetic to James Damore’s arguments.


The thing is, if you disagree with the diversity police in the real world, you get fired. If you disagree with liberals, you get fired. That’s the way it goes in the Silicon Valley. Yes, there’s a lot of talk about open and honest communications, but it’s all a sham if your opinion doesn’t agree with what the so-called liberals are shoveling today. By the way, 56% of Google’s employees do not approve James Damore’s firing for expressing his opinion.

Photo: Jefferson Graham