Russia Blames Trump Administration for Cold War Style Diplomatic Relations

In a surprising turn of rhetoric, Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov declared earlier on Friday that the diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States are at Cold War levels or even worse.

Peskov was asked by Good Morning America’s host George Stephanopoulos if he believes that his country and the United States are living a new Cold War. The Russian official said that the situation may be even worse now than it was 30 years ago, blaming Donald Trump and his administration for destroying the cooperation between the 2 nations.

It’s funny to see how Donald Trump’s victory was regarded by many as the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Russia, that will lead to a thawing of diplomatic relations and more cooperation, both economic and military, especially in the war against the global threat of Islamic terrorism, not to mention the space program where Russia still is a world superpower.

Also, many predicted that the US economy will collapse in the eventuality of a Trump win. However, 5 months after the November 8 election, quite the opposite has happened, i.e. the stock market is riding high as a kite while diplomatic relations between the White House and Kremlin, despite the mainstream media obsessing about Trump being Putin’s puppet, have remained low, with no hope of improvement in the near future.

What may come as a shock for the staffers (they stopped being journalists a long time ago) of NYT or WaPo, the main culprits when it comes to peddling unsubstantiated narratives on a daily basis about Trump’s collusion with Russia and all that nonsense, is the fact that Peskov blamed President Trump directly for the abysmal relations between the two countries:

New Cold War? Well, maybe even worse. Maybe even worse taking into account actions of the present presidential administration in Washington.

Listen, we insist, we insist that any blamings that Russia could have been interfering in domestic affairs of the United States is slander. And it has no evidence at all.

Again, well, we understand pretty well that there are some people who [are] doing their best, their utmost to keep the issue on the agenda.”

Photo: Getty