Russia Developing Killer-Robot Army (VIDEO)

russia robot killer army

According to a recent report, Vladimir Putin’s army is working at surpassing its western counterparts (technologically speaking) by building a science-fiction sounding killer-robot army. The decision to develop what can be described as unmanned drones basically was taken after a fully automated tank outperformed humans in drills.

Yes, robots can be better than humans at certain tasks, and owning a robot-army which doesn’t have moral issues when it comes to enforcing controversial orders is any dictator’s wet dream, but let that go. Even if the deadly and terrifying Nerehta tank was unveiled last year by the Russian army, the unmanned vehicle performed way better than its (manned) equivalent in a recent series of drills. Those software updates really work sometimes.

The Nerehta is a small tank-like drone and it can carry an AG-30M grenade launcher, or 12,7 mm/7,62mm machine guns. I know it doesn’t sound like much so far, but this baby is fully automated and since it’s better at hitting targets compared to manned platforms, this looks like the wave of the future, whether we like it or not.  Even if the Russians did not disclose which similar (manned) weapons platform was beaten by the Nerehta during testing, they hinted that the Kremlin is looking at increasing its automated paraphernalia in the future.

In an interview for a Russian military website, Colonel Oleg Pomazuev has said about these latest developments:

“In the Armed Forces, new robots come, they perform the tasks of reconnaissance, de-mining, firefighting. In the future, in addition to these, the tasks of shock and assault will also be decided.”

However, it’s not only the Russians working at developing fully automated killing machines. The same goes for the US, the UK, China and Israel, as all these military powers are tied in a race to build an army of terminators.