Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at ISIS Targets near Palmyra (VIDEO)

From Russia with Love

russia kalibr syria

According to a recent report from Russia’s ministry of defense, Russian Navy forces fired four cruise missiles at ISIS targets near Palmyra. To quote from the official report, the Russian warships (a submarine called Krasnodar and a frigate named Admiral Essen) launched Kalibr cruise missiles (something similar to US-made Tomahawks) on Islamic State militants and military vehicles outside Palmyra in Syria.

The Kalibr cruise missiles obliterated heavy military equipment and Islamic State fighters (aka terrorists) that ISIS had transferred to Palmyra from its Raqqa stronghold, according to Russia’s defense minister. The cruise missile attack was launched from the Eastern Mediterranean and on a cooler note, the Krasnodar fired its Kalibr cruise missiles while submerged. This can be described as a highly-effective pin-point accuracy missile attack on a high value target provided the Russian claims prove to be legitimate.

To quote Russia’s Minister of Defense with regard to today’s strike on ISIS:

“[the ships] targeted an area east of Palmyra, where the militants’ heavy weaponry and manpower were located. The militants moved there from Raqqa. All targets have been destroyed,”

It’s important to notice that United States, Israeli and Turkish military forces were properly warned prior to the missile strike  by the ruskies via active hotlines. The cruise missile attack follows the reports regarding an Islamic State military convoy that was spotted on May 25th outside Raqqua heading to Palmyra. The convoy included 120 ISIS mercenaries and 39 vehicles (pick-up trucks equipped with heavy caliber machine guns). A source speaking to Ria Novosti claims that the terrorist convoy was completely destroyed by the four Kalibr cruise missiles.

What can we say? Well done Russia, keep’em coming!