Russia, Turkey, Iran Sign Deal to Set up Syria Safe Zones

syrian civil war

Iran, Russia and Turkey signed a deal earlier on Thursday after six years of what has been dubbed as a “civil war” in Bashar al Assad’s Syria. The agreement will set up 4 safe zones in Syria and that makes for a huge leap forward with regard to ending the conflict that tore the country apart and created a huge wave of refugees pouring into Europe since 2015.

The United Nations expressed optimism regarding the deal, but the US was relatively cautious, warning about Iran’s position as a guarantor in the deal. However, over all, the US too expressed hope that the agreement between the 3 countries may set the stage for a resolution to the Syrian conflict.

A number of members of what the mainstream media describes as the “rebel”(they are terrorists by any metrics)delegation which took part at the negotiations left the room at the signing ceremony thus protesting against Iran’s role  in the agreement as an ally of Bashar al Assad’s regime. The meeting took place in the Kazakh capital Astana and it comes in the aftermath of President Trump having a long phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about creating de-escalation areas in Syria on Tuesday.

The deal between Russia, Turkey and Iran will provide for a so called no-fly zone (it was dubbed a ban on all flights), a ceasefire (the “rebels” did not agree on the ceasefire nor the Syrian government) and the guarantee of rapid delivery of international aid for improving the lives of Syrians in certain designated areas, together with the return of  EU refugees in safe areas, thus solving the problem for Europe.

Iran and Russia, the countries that support the Syrian President Assad are hoping that Turkey, which backs  terrorist factions fighting against the regime will build on the former December-2016 ceasefire deal, though Erdogan proved multiple times that he cannot be trusted.

Four “safe zones” are to be setup up by June 4th and they include territory which is currently occupied by anti Assad mercenaries. The first safe-area  includes the whole Idlib province and parts of Aleppo, Latakia and Hama provinces. The second includes portions of Homs, the third parts of Ghouta outside Damascus whilst the 4th will include parts of Quneitra and Deraa.

The safe areas will remain in place for half a year initially, but the period may be extended if everything works well. The lesson to be taken home is that President Trump seems to keep his word with regard to helping ending the Syrian conflict and to tackle the  EU refugee crisis by creating safe-spaces in Syria and also to cooperate better with Russia.

Iran, Russia and the Syrian government are the good guys in this fight. All others are either terrorists or supporting the terrorists, there’s no way around it and truth be told, this is the only way the Syrian conflict is going to stop.
Europe too needs to take an active role in enforcing the agreement. The Iranians are going to be held in check by Putin. I am sure that there were some interesting things said about this deal between Putin and Trump.