No Doubt U.S Will Try to Interfere in Our Election, Russia Says

Russian Foreign Ministry stated that there is no doubt the U.S. will try to interfere in the 2018 presidential election.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told the media that Russia is ‘used to American interference’.

“We are used to American interference, we live with it. It’s the same as wire-tapping by US secret services. Someone who doesn’t assume it, is an absolutely naive person living on a different planet,” Ryabkov said.

Asked whether he beliefs there will be U.S. interference in the presidential election, he said: “There is no doubt about that.”

At the same time Ryabkov dismissed the allegations about the Russian hacking of U.S. presidential election. He stated there was no evidence to support the claims of Russian meddling, and said the “hackers from Russia are mythical.”

“Russian contacts never participated in neither the Democrats’ nor Republicans’ election campaigns,” Ryabkov added.

The Deputy FM also commented on the current U.S.-Russia relations – which are on their lowest in decades – and denied that there was a new cold war between the two countries.

“I don’t think such confrontation is possible in the new environment. After all, the experience of the past years and decades, I hope, has taught both us and our colleagues in Washington to responsibly approach such issues”, he stated.

Presidential election in Russia will be held in 2018, and the incumbent President Vladimir Putin has not yet confirmed he will run for a fourth term, although he is widely expected to do so.

Putin has served as President in three terms, from 2000 to 2008, and was elected again in 2012. His first two terms saw a strong economic growth in Russia.

However, the 2014 crisis in Ukraine, Western sanctions and low oil prices have weakened Russian economy, which entered into recession.

Source: RT