Russian Foreign Minister: Syria Chemical Attack was Staged

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met in Moscow earlier on Friday with his Syrian and Iranian counterparts.During the meeting, Mr. Lavrov said that the United States seeks to achieve regime change in Syria, and, most importantly, that the alleged chemical attack that was followed by a Tomahawk missile strike on a military airfield was staged/may have been a false flag of sorts.

Sergei Lavrov claimed during the press conference with the Syrian and Iranian foreign ministers that new evidence suggests the chemical weapons attack may have been orchestrated, and truth be told this would not be the first time when ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria are caught red handed staging a chemical attack on civilians, later blamed on the Syrian government.

Mr. Lavrov said that US and UK publications have already highlighted a number of inconsistencies with regard to the official version of the incident, which was used to justify the US airstrikes.

The three countries are now asking for an independent/international investigation to clear things out about the claimed sarin gas attack in Syria’s Idlib province, an attack which left dozens of people dead, including children.

The Russian foreign minister called for the US forces to restrain from further attacks on the Syrian army, which are viewed by the Kremlin as part of the White House administration efforts to oust Bashar al Assad at all costs.

Rex Tillerson’s visit in Moscow on Wednesday was dominated by talks between the US Secretary of State and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia’s strongman rebuffed Rex Tillerson’s demands to abandon Assad, Russia’s long time friend and ally. The assistance from the Russian military was essential for keeping Bashar al Assad’s regime in power after almost 7 years of civil war.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin’s spokesman told reporters on Friday that the US failed to present proof that Bashar al Assad’s forces were behind the April 14th chemical attack in Idlib.

While Russia claims that the Syrian military struck (by mistake) a building where ISIS terrorists stashed chemical weapons, the US says that satellite imagery proves the Syrian bomb produced a crater in a road, as opposed to hitting a building.