Russian Foreign Ministry Makes Fun of Hacker Scandal

Russian Foreign ministry posted an April Fools’ joke on their Facebook page

The Russian Foreign Ministry is ready to help in case you need some election interference… the first reaction from the Pentagon or other Western governments would probably have been ‘we told you so’, but the post on the ministry’s Facebook page was an April Fools’ joke.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry posted what seemed to be a guide for new automated telephone switchboard message for Russian embassies.

“To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent, press 1,” the recording begins, in Russian and English. Press 2 “to use the services of Russian hackers,” and 3 “to request election interference.”

According to unnamed ministry duty officer the post was an official joke.

On a more serious note, Russia stands accused of interfering in the U.S. Presidential election – something that the Kremlin firmly denied. The Russian hacking allegations have caused a series of investigations in the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump and some of the key men in his new administration have also been involved in the Russian hacking controversy. The mainstream media and the part of U.S. political and intelligence establishment have accused Trump of profiting from the alleged Russian hacking.

Source: Inquirer