Russian Jets Buzz US Destroyer


In what was described by the US officials as an unsafe and unprofessional encounter, multiple Russian jets/military aircraft came very close to the US Navy Destroyer USS Porter on February 10th.

The unsafe and unprofessional incident took place in the Black Sea, in close proximity of Russia. Prior to this 3rd degree encounter, we’ve already seen a Russian spy ship off the US East Coast and right after that, Russia was accused of deploying an illegal (as in banned) ground launched ballistic missile.

One may wonder if we’re witnessing a posturing game between the world’s superpowers, considering the latest incident which escalates military  tensions amidst the 2 nations during a time when diplomatic relations should prevail.

After all, President Trump said that he likes Putin and he can foresee a normalization of diplomatic and why not, commercial relations between the two countries.

The spokesman for the European Command, Navy Captain Danny Hernandez  respectively,said that there were multiple incidents involving several Russian aircraft and they were described by the commanding officer as unsafe and unprofessional.

In the first phase of the regrettable incident, the  US Navy Destroyer USS Porter was “buzzed” by 2 Su-24 Russian jet fighters, followed later on by a single Su-24 and finally by an IL-38 transport aircraft.

The Russian airplanes flew at unusually low altitude at high speed and that’s concerning because of the high probability of accidents due to miscalculations from the pilots.

According to reports, the Russian jets operated with their transponders off and they also failed to respond to  USS Porter’s radio requests for halting their overflights. Transponders are used for identification purposes, i.e. they help with determining friends or foes on radar by air defense officers.

Predictably, Russia denied that any such incident had ever occurred at the respective date. An anonymous US official said that the Russian aircraft came within 200 meters of USS Porter at an altitude of 90 meters.

The latest similar incident took place in April 2016 when 2 Russian jets simulated a spectacular attack pass over a US guided missile destroyer in the Baltic Sea.

Source: Free Beacon