Saudis Mobilize F-15 Fighter Jets, Arab League Announces Urgent Meeting on Iran

saudi arabia war lebanon

As Saudi Arabia’s air-force is mobilizing its fighter jets in a show of force which may very well be a precursor to war, the Arab League is about to hold an emergency meeting on the Iran issue, at the KSI’s request by the way.

The meeting is set to take place at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo-Egypt as reported by the Egyptian newspaper Ahram Online . The scope of the Arab League extraordinary session which may take place as soon as next Sunday is to discuss what has been described as Iranian interference, with both Israel and Saudi Arabia being very nervous about the threats posed by the perceived Iranian expansion in the region. There’s actual talk of war between the regional powers in the Middle East, especially KSI and Israel, which both aim at mitigating Iranian’s domination in the area (via proxies like Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen).

Moreover,  Baghdad Post reports that Saudi Arabia has already prepared its American supplied F-15 jet fighters for an attack in Lebanon:

“Reports now state the Royal Saudi Air Force has placed its warplanes on alert to launch strikes as the region sits on a knife edge.”

It looks like KSI’s air-force has scrambled its  jet fighters to launch a military op against Hezbollah, the Iranian backed militia which is regarded by the Saudis and others as a terrorist organization. Previously to these developments, the KSI accused Iran and Lebanon of nothing less than declaring war after Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile at a Saudi airport in Riyadh.

Judging from the official narrative via Saudi officials et al, it’s Blame Iran time, i.e. the powers that be are setting the stage to get public support for military action against Iran.