Savage: Republican Legislator calls ICE to Deal with Protesters

texas protet sanctary cities law

In a move that’s already becoming an internet meme, a Republican lawmaker (Matt Rinaldi) called ICE (immigration authorities) on hundreds of protesters during the last day of the regular session at Texas Legislature’ Capitol. Obviously, his Democratic colleagues were not thrilled by this savage move.

The last day of the regular legislative session was supposed to be great, i.e. to end with a ceremonial and all that, but it soon descended into anarchy. The Monday House proceedings were brutally interrupted by a large crowd protesting the Senate Bill 4, also known as sanctuary cities law.

It’s pretty obvious for any thinking person that the angry crowd violently protesting a law against sanctuary cities was composed, at least partially, of illegal immigrants, hence Matt Rinaldi’s hilarious decision to call ICE on the protesters.

While hundreds of angry protesters dressed in red T-shirts boasted their banners and chanted slogans in opposition to Texas’ new law regarding sanctuary cities, State Rep. Rinaldi called Immigration and Customs Enforcement, thus enraging his fellow Hispanic legislators nearby. The whole show ended up in a confusing free for all melee. In the aftermath of the battle, each side accused the other for violence and threats and the whole nine yards.

State Rep. Rinaldi gave a statement in which he accused  a fellow Democrat, Poncho Nevarez respectively (judging from his name, he’s a proud La Raza member) for threatening his life on the House floor during the brawl. And due to the respective statement, Rep. Rinaldi is currently under the Department of Public Safety protection, which means that things got pretty serious.

Poncho Nevarez admitted that he put his hands on Rinaldi asking him to take his “case” outside the House chamber, but the final part of his statement was pretty interesting:

“But was I going to shoot the guy? No,”

So, it was nothing, just a little life threat, but no shooting, nothing to see here, move along esé.

Here’s a video shot (during the brawl) on the House floor for your viewing pleasure.

The thing is, the sanctuary cities legislation has already been signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and it will require local authorities (cities/counties) to cooperate with the FEDs on matters regarding immigration. The law also prevents local cities/counties from banning  law enforcement when it comes to asking about a detainee’s immigration status.

The thing is, protests are intended to change minds BEFORE a law is passed.This law is already in the books. All these protesters are saying is “Look at us. We’re mad.” What do they think the legislators are going to do? Backtrack and change the law because a few people are angry? A lot more people are angry about those who don’t follow the law. And an unpleasant truth is that some of them (most of them actually) have brown skin (sharp intake of breath.), just check out FBI’s crime statistics.


Photo Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune