Schumer Smells Blood in the Water: “Either Way, the President’s in Trouble”

(D-NY) Charles Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader raised a number of questions earlier on Sunday during an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press show about President Trump’s tweets on Saturday claiming that Barack Obama ordered a wiretap on Trump Tower prior to the election.

Schumer said that Obama flatly denied he has done such a thing and also he argued that President Trump is in trouble either way, i.e. if his claims on Twitter are false, it would be bad  to spread false  information, this is not how presidents behave and all that, but it he told the truth, he’s also in trouble, even worse actually, because that would mean that a Federal judge has found probable cause that Donald Trump or his staff have broken the law etc.

This is a fine example of liberal logic. What Mr. Schumer forgets to say and the NBC host doesn’t know or doesn’t care to tell the truth is that FISA court warrants are not criminal proceedings, so probable cause doesn’t apply. Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd will never call a Democrat on his/her lies, so Schumer was in a safe space and free to distort the truth or bluntly lie, business as usual.

The Uranium-Rosatom scandal is a perfect example of mass media bigotry. Under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the US government sold 20% of the country’s uranium production to Russia’s Rosatom, thus endangering America’s national security.

The Russians did return the favor in that “pay for play” scheme we already know and love, paying Bill Clinton half a million dollars in the form of a speaking fee via a Russian bank. And that happened while Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State.

This is the definition of pay for play, a quid pro quo and corruption as the highest level of government.

And about illegal wiretapping, let’s remember how Clapper was caught lying under oath that no data/metadata was being harvested from hundreds of millions of Americans. These people are not to be trusted.




Source: The Hill