Second Tomato Attack on Angela Merkel in Three Days

angela merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s car was pelted with tomatoes  by angry protesters on Friday as she traveled to the city of Wolgast for a rally.  Anti-Merkel demonstrators tried to disrupt her rallies several times in the past with whistles and boos, protesting the Chancellor’s open borders/immigration policies.

Even if Angela Merkel doesn’t seem to care much for her critics, this time she tried to address their grievances during her Friday speech in Wolgast. According to the German paper Ostseezeitung, Angela Merkel has said:

“There are some people outside who are booing and screaming. I don’t think that’s enough to move the country forward.”

Just three days ago, tomatoes were thrown at the Chancellor as she delivered a speech in Heidelberg on Wednesday. For further reference, check out this article: German Chancellor Angela Merkel Attacked with Tomatoes During Rally.

Migrant related crime in Germany skyrocketed following Angela Merkel’s “refugees welcome policy”, as the country tried (and failed) to absorb over one million (predominantly Muslim) so-called refugees arriving in Germany from North Africa and the Middle East with zero vetting. Also, criticism, tomato-throwing and routine terrorist attacks  on an almost weekly basis do not appear to have any kind of impact on her chances of getting re-elected in the September 24th election, as her party CDU and its sibling the Christian Union are leading in the polls.

However, what’s very strange and speaks volumes on the brainwashing of the German people is this little known fact: according to a recent poll, 70 percent of Germans say their main concern is terrorism, which is politically correct speech for Islamic terrorism. And yes, Merkel owns all of it.