“Secret” Poll Puts Marine LePen Ahead of Rivals

French left wing newspaper Le Figaro claims that presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen is close to 34% of intentions of vote for the first round of  elections, according to “secret polls”.

Mainstream-public domain polls constantly put Front National’s Marine Le Pen ahead of her rivals, with the polling data ranging from 26 to 28 percent. The French elections are held in 2 rounds, with the first 2 candidates winning the initial round going into the second round for the final confrontation.

According to the same mainstream polls, even if Marine Le Pen will win the first round, she will be defeated in the second, regardless of her rival, as the general wisdom claims that the French people will never elect a populist “far right” leader, even if she’s a woman.

However, a score above thirty percent in the first round of elections, as per the “secret” poll quoted by Le Figaro’s journalist would increase Marine Le Pen’s chances of winning the second round significantly on May 7th.

Ivan Rioufol writes for Le Figaro that despite the French political class and media’s efforts to impede Marine Le Pen’s “rise to power”, hidden surveys clearly show that they’re failing.

The French journalist thinks that political correctness is living its final days in France and the country’s so called elites cannot hold the line anymore against popular anger, just like it was the case with Donald Trump’s victory (against all odds) in the United States.

Just like in America, France’s celebrities and leftist intellectuals are threatening to leave the country if Le Pen wins, and these declarations are actually boosting her campaign, as it’s also the case with the fear mongering French mass media that warns about a recrudescence of  fascism and Nazism in an eerie similarity to US fake-news media and The Donald’s rise to power.

The first round of voting is set to begin on April 23rd and it seems like the French political establishment is now openly considering a victory for Le Pen, making frequent references to her party as being at the gates of power, a scenario which was considered impossible until very recently.

Le Figaro

Photo: AFP Boris Horvat