Secret Report Reveals Shocking Corruption of Obama’s FBI and DOJ: 85% of FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal

A recently unsealed FISA Court Ruling revealed that the corruption ran rampant both in the Department of Justice and the FBI during Obama’s tenure in the White House. The shocking stats from the report that was released back in April 2017 were kept under wraps until now, i.e. they did not receive much publicity.

However, the secret report was made following an audit/an investigation of sorts into FISA searches made during Barack Obama-era DOJ/FBI and it shows how both institutions were involved in criminal sharing of data and criminal searches with non authorized entities outside of the Federal Government. The unsealed FISA Court Ruling dating from April 26 2017 revealed the Obama-era FBI and the DOJ participated in a huge number of criminal activities during his time in office, with an emphasis on the incredible (85% of FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal) FISA mandate abuse.

According to the investigation on FISA practices, both the DOJ and the FBI performed illegal searches on American citizens, that were anti-constitutional in nature, i.e. against their fourth Amendment rights. This shady practice went on for years. FISA 705 warrants are about US citizens outside of the country.

Secret Report Reveals Shocking Corruption of Obama's FBI and DOJ

But it gets even worse: at the same time Barack Obama’s DOJ and the FBI were conducting illegal FISA searches on American citizens, against their constitutional rights and without their knowledge, the FBI shared the information with third parties, i.e. outside contractors, who had no legal clause/no right/no business to claim the respective intel.

Wish I could say I was shocked but I am not. Obama started his political career in Chicago,  first as a community organizer (he was basically a communist) and then under Mayor Richie Daley. Probably the most corrupt criminal conniving Democrats in America. Obama learned from the best and he used all of his knowledge of how to skirt the law from Daley.

To tell you the truth,the level of corruption that most Americans are prepared to tolerate scares me more than anything I have seen from the Obama admin.