Secretary of Defense James Mattis Doesn’t Care about the NFL Scandal

james mattis NFL issue

It’s quite refreshing to see that there are still adults left running the US government, and of course we are referring to Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who was questioned by reporters about his opinion on the players/staff-kneeling-during-the-national-anthem (also known as the NFL scandal), a non-story really, which is now inflaming the nation. During a presser, James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis gave a laconic response on the matter, steering clear of passing judgement on a basically non-issue.

Are you ready? Here’s his epic response:

“I’m the secretary of defense. We defend the country,”

The Donald has denouncend the NFL repeatedly in recent days, blasting players and the NFL itself:



‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is basically implying that the National Football League is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. They don’t protect us, educate people, treat the sick or build anything. Also, the NFL should be be very thankful that Defense Secretary Mattis came in peace and didn’t bring artillery.

Joke aside, there is something everyone is overlooking. Colon Kaepernick, who started all this nonsense protesting of the flag/national anthem back in 2016, didn’t become an social justice warrior until he started dating the Black Lives Matter/Islam activist Nessa Diab. And obviously, he did it for the old fashioned reason of trying to impress her and get a little nooky. Now it has blown up and I bet you’ll get a different reason why they are protesting from each player you ask, that is if they have an answer, which I seriously doubt.

Finally, there have been over 1600 arrests of NFL thugs since 2000. There are no NFL role models to lecture the American public on anything.