Secretive Bilderberg 2017 Talks to Focus on Infowars, Trump and Russia

bilderberg 2017

The highly secretive globalist group also known as The Bilderberg (after the name of the hotel where the first gathering took place in 1954 in The Netherlands) is going to meet again in 2017 for their upcoming 65th confab. According to an official press release via the, world’s elites (media, finance, politics) are going to converge this year in Chantilly, Virginia.

The host of the “show” will be Westfields Marriott, with the gathering starting this week, from June 1st to June 4th. The attendees at the Bilderberg conference are following a secrecy oath, under Chatham House rules, which allows them (they claim) to freely discuss various issues without having to fear criticism from the public or the media.

Among this year’s attendees, we’ll find Donald Trump’s national security adviser General H.R. McMaster (he’s a globalist by the way), Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Assistant to the President Christopher Liddell, together with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, Google tech billionaire Peter Thiel, ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and so on and so forth. The full list is available on the official website.

To make a long story short and sweet, everyone on that list is not to be trusted. The 2017 Bilderberg gathering will take place just thirty miles from the White House and among the main topics for discussion we must mention  ‘The Trans-Atlantic defense alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks,’, ‘Russia in the international order,’,‘The war on information,’ China, ‘Why is populism growing?’ and  ‘Direction of the EU’.

The Bilderberg group was founded in 1954 by David Rockefeller (now deceased), Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands,  Joseph Retinger and Denis Healey and it focuses on fostering dialogue between North America and Europe. About 2 thirds of participants are usually from Europe, while the rest are from North America. Together with Trump administration high officials, other attendees for Bilderberg 2017 include Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg and Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai.

And finally, the who’s who of the corporate anti Trump globalist press will be there, i.e. chief commentators and editors from Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Economist (Rothschild owned), the London Evening Standard, Corriere della Serra etc. However, meetings are  secretive, being closed to both journalists and the general public, no reports/no minutes are taken and the affiliation of the speakers can’t be revealed.

Photo  © Christian Bruna / AFP