Secretive John Podesta Interviewed by House Intel Panel Behind Closed Doors

john podesta house intel

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman was interviewed by the House Intel Committee on Tuesday. What’s strange is that Mr. John Podesta met with the House Intel panel in a very secretive manner, behind closed doors.

The US lawmakers inquired John Podesta about Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s response to the so called “Russian hacks”. President Donald Trump is known for his acid comments regarding Democrats’ lack of cooperation with the FBI in the DNC hacking-conspiracy. The thing is, while the left wing corporate media insists on a Russian hack, we already know the leak was internal via the assassinated DNC staffer Seth Rich, but let that go for a moment.

John Podesta was summoned before the House Intelligence Committee following President Trump’s complaints about the Obama administration’s failure to mitigate the so called Russian interference in the US election cycle 2016. As far as the official narrative goes, John Podesta’s private email was hacked together with the Democratic National Committee’s official email account.

A number of those emails were leaked online and they were proved to be a huge embarrassment for both Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Podesta personally. However, what’s very strange is that Democrats refused to cooperate with the FBI, as in they denied FBI’s request to analyze the DNC’s servers; instead, they relied on a private third-party to do FBI’s job (one may wonder why?).The leaked Podesta/DNC emails were published by WikiLeaks during the 2016 election cycle and they spread on social media like wildfire, as they exposed Hillary Clinton’s dirty tricks for the whole world to see; for example, the way Bernie Sanders nomination was stolen thus enabling Hillary to become the Democratic party presidential candidate.

The very dubious death of Seth Rich raises the question whether the DNC staffer was killed for leaking the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The next question that pops into everyone’s mind is why was this a closed door session? And the answer is because they don’t want the truth out and secondly they want to be able to come out in front of the corporate media and spout basically anything they want without fearing difficult questions. To sum up the state of the swamp in a single Tweet:


Photo Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg