See What Happens in States Where SNAP Recipients Have to Work

food stamp scam

There’s an old leftist mantra which proclaims the merits of welfare. The so-called liberals are constantly praising the benefits of welfare for poor people and they pedal the idea that, sans the helping hand of the Federal Government (which in reality is a taxpayer funded handout), millions of burdened Americans will be left homeless and the’ll starve.

While admitting there are people in this world who actually need help to survive, the simplistic view the left has on welfare is actually false. There are many people receiving welfare today who are actually profiting from an incredibly lax system. The trick is to separate those in need from the ones abusing the system. And there are a couple of states in the US who did just that.

Alabama is one of those smart states who decided to offer food assistance/SNAP benefits on the condition that the beneficiaries are working or, they volunteer to providing some sort of a community service. At the very least, the SNAP recipients must make an effort to educate/train for a new job.

Guess what happened after Alabama decided in 2017 to require able bodied adults (without children)who receive SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits to participate in work training or find a job. Well, the number of welfare recipients dropped dramatically with 85 percent, from 5538 to 831 between January and May 2017.

Similar requirements were implemented in Georgia and after 3 months, the number of able bodied adults receiving welfare benefits dropped with 58 percent. Even if the progressive left will never admit it, people are not dumb, i.e. if they have to choose between losing a couple hundred bucks in benefits per month and finding a much better paid job, which will earn them enough money to not require state-welfare anymore, they’ll always go for the latter. The American taxpayer is subsidizing millions of able bodied men and women who simply choose not to work.

The thing is, liberal (as in leftist) use of food stamps has absolutely nothing to do with helping people. It has absolutely nothing to do with saving hungry families who are out of work.The “progressive” use of food stamps has EVERYTHING to do with control.

SNAP is nothing more than buying votes to keep leftists in power. The worse part is we are spending trillions and not really helping the right people. That is just stupid and wrong. This Work for Welfare was actually President Trump’s Idea. And the States climbed on board.

Via,Georgia Public Policy Foundation, Atlanta Journal-Constitution