Sen. Rand Paul Recovering From 5 Broken Ribs Following Assault at his Home

Sen. Rand Paul’s injuries more severe than initially thought

rand paul assault

The Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was the victim of an assault at his home on Friday and he’s currently recovering from five broken ribs and lung contusions as per one of his senior advisers’ statement. Paul was assaulted by one of his neighbors at his home in Bowling Green.

The injuries were pretty severe and had caused intense pain for the Kentucky Senator. It is believed the convalescence may take weeks if not months. According to a statement made on Sunday by Senior adviser Doug Stafford, let me quote:

“Senator Paul has five rib fractures including 3 displaced fractures. This type of injury is caused by high velocity severe force. It is not clear exactly how soon he will return to work, as the pain is considerable as is the difficulty in getting around, including flying.”

The suspect in the assault is a Bowling Green doctor (!), 59 year old anesthesiologist Rene Boucher, who was arrested and charged on Friday with fourth degree assault. The incident took place in the gated Rivergreen community just east of Bowling Green at Rand Paul’s home.

Rene Boucher lives on 582 Rivergreen Lane and he was released from custody (Warren County Regional Jail) on Saturday night on a $7500 bond. The arrest warrant says the suspect entered the property and attacked Senator Rand Paul from behind, tackled him and forced him to the ground. Rand Paul also suffered injuries to his face.