Senate Judiciary Committee Announces Criminal Probe Into Obama’s Former AG Loretta Lynch

loretta lynch investigated

The Senate Judiciary Committee has finally decided to launch a criminal probe into Barack Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The investigation is aimed at clarifying the role Lynch played in the FBI-Hillary Clinton extravaganza. More exactly, following former FBI director James Comey’s “confession”, the Senate will try to determine how did Loretta Lynch shape the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton mishandling classified information by using an illegal private (and unsecured) server.

Also, a large number of both Democrats and Republicans are asking legitimate questions about the same Loretta Lynch, who was never investigated for obstruction of justice, considering the undeniable fact that she met privately with former President (and husband of a presidential hopeful at that time) Bill Clinton while Hillary’s “private server affair” was investigated by the Justice Department, raising questions about the independence/the integrity of the investigation.

According to Sen. Charles E. Grassley, the investigation into Loretta Lynch’ behavior as Attorney General has bipartisan support, as the letter to Obama’s former AG is signed by big names in the Democratic Party, the likes of Sheldon Whitehouse, Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein. Letters were also sent to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Gail Scovell and Leonard Benardo (Soros was a big Hillary supporter and contributor).

According to James Comey, Loretta Lynch pressured him to soften his tone with regard to the criminal investigation into the Hillary Clinton private server/email scandal and to refer to the respective probe/criminal investigation as a “matter”, instead of using the proper parlance.

If there was any “obstruction of justice” in this whole mess, it was done by Loretta Lynch when, according to Comey’s sworn testimony, she ordered Comey to call the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary’s actions a “matter.”

If there was any obstruction of justice it was done by Lynch, when she supposedly wrote a memo, saying that she would make sure that any investigation into Hiilary and her actions “would not go too far.”

If there was any “collusion” here, it was when Lynch secretly met with Bill Clinton on an airport’s tarmac, less than a week before Hillary was to be interviewed by the FBI. A secret meeting that we only know about because an alert TV reporter happened to stumble upon it.

This FBI interview, I note, expressly designed to make it impossible to gather any incriminating, actionable information from Hillary–Hillary not under oath, several of her lawyers–also under investigation, but given immunity from prosecution before they were even questioned–allowed in the interview room to function as her lawyers, and no record kept of the questions asked or her answers.

Now that’s collusion and obstruction of justice! But, to tell you the truth, there have been more successful probes on humans by aliens from other planets than by Senate GOP members on DEMs…