Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Distances Himself From President

 Who would have thought that during a CNN Interview on Sunday, the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell will choose to distance himself from President Donald Trump’s stance on various fronts, ranging from the judiciary to Russia and voter fraud?

Well, the clear answer is :anybody who was paying attention to what happened between the Republican party and Donald Trump in the last year and a half, of course.

 This is not the first time and definitely not the last when under pressure from the mainstream media, some of the so called Republicans will always choose to betray Trump and take the side of what they believe to be “the higher path”, despite the fact that Donald Trump won the election in an Electoral College landslide.

And he did that fighting the mainstream media fake narrative and his own party alike, standing for ideas and principles which are the exact opposite of what CNN does on a daily basis.

 And I must emphasize the irrefutable fact that President Donald Trump is doing exactly what candidate Trump promised to do during the campaign, which is unprecedented in recent history.
However, McConnell doesn’t seem to care much about these things, as he repeatedly said that he disagrees with The Donald’s recent statements about Russia (see this article), saying about Vladimir Putin that, let me quote:
“He’s a thug. He was not elected in a way that most people would consider a credible election … I don’t think there’s any equivalency between the way the Russians conduct themselves and the way the United States does.’’
Calling Russia’s president a thug is pretty strong language by any metrics. However, when asked about Donald Trump’s reference to the “so called judge” who dared to rule against a perfectly valid executive order on immigration and refugees, McConnell also distanced himself again from President Trump:
“I think it’s best not to single out judges for criticism. We all get disappointed from time to time …  but I think it’s best to avoid criticizing judges individually,’’
The same disdainful attitude was manifested with regard to President Trump’s request for the launching of a national investigation over voter fraud, despite the fact that the Wall Street Journal reports that the problem is very real, at least in New York.
“I don’t think we ought to spend any federal money investigating that. We ought to leave that at the state level.’’
closed McConnell. And remember, this guy isn’t a Democrat but the Republican leader in the US Senate. Trump must drain the swamp as soon as possible.

Source: The Wall Street Journal