Senator McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

john mccain brain cancer

Republican Senator John McCain (AZ) has brain cancer, according to a statement released by the Mayo Clinic and his office. The Arizona Senator was hospitalized since last Friday as he suffered a surgical procedure aimed at removing a blood clot above his left eye.

Even if the Senator’s office called the respective procedure as “routine”, the media basically covered for McCain’s condition or, they’re completely clueless about medical stuff. Brain surgery aimed at removing a 5 centimeter inter-cranial hematoma is a huge deal, not routine, a possibly life ending event.  Also, rather than calling the procedure brain surgery, they went in a Clintonesque fashion and described it as above the left eye. What’s above the left eye?

What’s a minimally invasive craniotomy? Basically, you crack open the skull to access the brain, or in McCaine’s case, what’s left of it. Also, a 5 centimeter hematoma is huge by any metrics. Now, even if his office tried to minimize the situation initially, the news broke about the Arizona Senator being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.



The Senator’s family and Donald Trump offered their full support:





Now, if you’re already feeling sorry for this guy, let’s  see some of the highlights of his long and until now, seemingly never-ending career:

-USS Forrestal fire, McCain’s stupidity killed 134 men and walked away from it due to nepotism.

-Crashed plane after plane in service, still flew anyway due to nepotism.

-Ratted to the Vietnamese after capture and even cut Tokyo Rose-style propaganda for them. You can even find videos of his pro-Viet-Cong recordings on YouTube.

-Savings and Loans scandal, McCain was part of the “Keating Five” that wiped out billions and destroyed tens of thousands of life savings of others. Walked away to cronyism.

-Was a blatant rat for the Democrat Party, continually sold out his own voters to write legislation that BENEFITED Democrats. He wrote the 2006 shamnesty bill with Ted Kennedy for crying out loud, that would’ve made his own party extinct, let alone lose the country forever.

-He also worked directly with the media to sabotage Republicans (openly or secretly, think “anonymous source”, Piss-gate Dossier) in exchange for boosting his profile.

-Massively corrupt with kickbacks everywhere from cronies. His AZ ranch has two free cell phone towers installed on them as a favor from the telecom lobbyists (maybe that’s where he got brain cancer, microwaves will fry your brain)

-Takes money from the globalist cult leaders, particularly George Soros. This says it all.

-Betrayed vets constantly as mentioned above; see video.

McCain is a P-O-S. The world would’ve and is much better off without him in it, and feeling empathy for a villain like this is pure cuckoldry.