Senators Write Bill to Protect Mueller From Being Fired by POTUS

trump mueller witch hunt

In what can be described as an absolutely awful development courtesy of the now proverbial swamp, Senators are now in the process of pushing a bi-partisan bill aimed at preventing President Trump from firing special counsel Mueller. Two senators, a Republican and a Democrat, who are both part of the Senate Judiciary Committee are now trying to protect Robert Mueller’s job (which is basically a soft coup against the President and the definition of a witch hunt) by pushing a new bill whose whole purpose is to protect the integrity of Robert Mueller’s so-called investigation in the Russia collusion with President Trump’s campaign team during the 2016 election cycle.

The bill seeks to retro-actively protect special counsel Mueller and his team against practically anything, as it will offer Robert Mueller a chance to challenge his potential firing by President Trump. If the legislation is passed and becomes law, if a panel will find that there was no good cause for Mueller’s removal, he will be immediately reinstated. The bill is sponsored by Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware and Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and despite the fact there’s absolutely zero evidence with regard to the Russia collusion conspiracy theory (and by the way, the so-called collusion is not illegal by any means), Senators seem to be willing to protect special counsel Robert Mueller at all costs, as he’s expanding his investigation to “possible financial crimes”, i.e. things completely unrelated to Russia.

Even a high-profile Democrat lawyer (Alan Dershowitz ) has said about special counsel Mueller and his investigation that it reminds him of a Stalinist witch-hunt, which works on the principle “show me the man and I will show you the crime”.


Also, despite the fact that Mueller’s dream team of lawyers is composed of radical left-wing hacks and Democratic donors/operatives, it’s interesting to see how the swamp concocted a bi-partisan bill aimed at protecting Mueller against “interference”, even if he has found nothing so far and he’s now engaged in a fishing expedition. Mueller’s investigation is out of control and the bill proposed by Senators is unconstitutional (unconstitutional infringement on the Executive Branch). Mueller must be shut down.

And the saddest part is that the GOP is all-in with their fellow DEMs, as their silence on these abuses is deafening.