Sexual Violence Rampant in Greek Refugee Camps Warns UN

Sexual Violence Rampant in Greek Refugee Camps Warns UN

According to a Friday United Nations report, Greece’s overcrowded and sub-standard asylum seekers’ reception centers are seeing rape-fests on a daily basis, as they’re plagued with endemic sexual violence and harassment.

Last year, 622 “survivors” (as per the UN refugee agency report) of sexual violence reported being sexually assaulted upon their arrival in Greece as asylum seekers. However, the real numbers may be way higher, as there’s a reluctance from refugees to report rapes/sexual violence in refugee camps out of fear or concerns about stigma, discrimination, shame etc.

UNHCR spokesman Cecile Pouilly told reporters in Geneva that the United Nations has just a “very partial picture of what the reality is.” Most sex assaults take place in the reception/identification centers on the Greek islands of Vathy on Samos and Moira on Lesbos “where thousands of refugees continue to stay in unsuitable shelter with inadequate security.”

These two centers currently accommodate more than 5500 asylum seekers, a figure which is more than double their standard capacity. Pouilly said:

“In these two centers, bathrooms and latrines are no-go zones after dark for women and children; even bathing during the daytime can be dangerous.”

After the European Union signed a  deal with Turkey back in 2016 which allows EU countries to send back migrants, the flow of asylum seekers in Greece dropped significantly, yet the country is still burdened, as it harbors the highest number of refugees per capita in the EU.

The thing is, wasn’t the United Nations  just scolding the USA for not wanting to take in illegals/welfare shoppers posing as war refugees? And now “UN warns of rampant sexual violence in Greek refugee camps”. Well, golly, thanks for the warning. If these violent “refugees” commit sexual violence against their own people, then what does the UN think is going to happen when they are released to prey on their host countries?

Help me out here liberals: before they left their home countries, these “refugees” belonged to the peace loving, rights respecting religion of peace (most of them anyway). We all know that personal violence, sexual assault/rape, bigamy, misogyny, hate crimes against LGBQT, etc. never occurred there. So they show up in Greece and all of a sudden their entire social, religious and cultural framework falls apart?

There’s only 1 answer: exposure to white males. That has to be the cause. Send them back.