Shameless Propaganda Determines Millions of North Koreans to Sign Up for Military to Fight USA

north korean propaganda

According to North Korean news outlet Rodong Sinmun, almost 5 million of its citizens have already volunteered to re enlist or to join the army for the first time in order to put an end to the empire of evil that is the United States of America, following dear leader Kim Jong-un’s last week threats to tame the Donald with fire.

Just to give you some perspective, North Korea boasts a total population of approximately 24 million people, and the cherry on top is that Pyongyang’s subjects are 3 inches shorter than their South Korean capitalist neighbors, thanks to North Korea’s socialist/communism doctrine, faithfully implemented, which stunted their growth due to famine and extremely poor diet, just like it happens in socialist Venezuela as we speak.

Now, the exact figure of North Koreans eager to join dear leader Kim in his fight against the free world is 4,7 million, but that doesn’t really matter in a country where everything is state owned and controlled and there is zero personal freedom. Here are some pieces of North Korean propaganda-art, more precisely posters displayed in public places , depicting US soldiers killing babies and torturing women using pliers and so forth and so on.

To tell you the truth, I never felt more sad for a group of people and I believe most North Koreans are praying for a war that would remove the communist regime and allow them to have a chance to live a normal life after Kim’s dynasty is gone. Now, speaking of “war” with Pyongyang, the only way for the North Korean regime to attack the US mainland would be firing a missile over the North Pole.

In order to attempt a shoot-down, the US would may have to rely on Russia’s military, as the North Korean missile would be most likely shot down within Russian radar space, which means that America would have to rely on Russia’s early warning systems.

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