Shock Claim: Former President Obama Portrait Covered In Sperm

Shock Claim Former President Obama Portrait Covered In Sperm

According to a /pol/ News Network analysis, based on a common motif in Kehinde Wiley’s previous artwork, it definitely looks like President Obama’s very weird portrait is covered in sperm. The thing is, and I am not joking, Kehinde Wiley is well known to add sperm motifs to his paintings:


Social media exploded in hilarity after the paintings of former President Obama and his wife Michelle were revealed to the general public yesterday. Here’s an example:


According to /pol/, a sperm-motif was added to Obama’s portrait, right on his forehead. Was the artist trying to make a point with this semen-motif with regard to how former President Obama was treated by world leaders during his tenure in the White House? We may never know. However, here’s art critic Dr. Gayle Clemans pointing out Wiley’s obsession with sperm in his “art”:

“The background [of Wiley’s painting Napoleon Leading the Army] is also infused with tiny paintings of sperm – Wiley’s way of poking fun at the highly charged masculinity and propagation of gendered identity that are involved in the Western tradition of portraiture.”

Wiley was also accused by critics of adding a sixth finger (and that’s also very weird, check it out for yourself) to Obama’s left hand. Now, if you ask me, this is art work right up there with Jesus in a jar of urine. Art work to drag humanity into the mud. And here’s the left praising him:

A tall, elegant black woman in a long blue dress—the canvas is enormous, eight feet by ten feet—calmly staring down the viewer. In one hand, she holds a knife. In the other, a cleanly severed brunette female head. “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley says. […]

That unabashed bombast has made Wiley a walking superlative: the most successful black artist since Basquiat, possibly the wealthiest painter of his generation, certainly the one who made his name earliest (he was 26 for his first major solo show), a gay man who has become the great painter of machismo for the swag era, a bootstrapper from South Central who talks like a Yale professor (much of the time), a genius self-­promoter who’s managed to have it both ways in an art world that loves having its critical cake and eating the spectacle of it, too, and a crossover phenomenon who is at once the hip-hop world’s favorite fine artist (Spike Lee and LL Cool J own pieces) and the gallery world’s most popular hip-hop ambassador. Not to mention an all-around positive guy.

– NY Mag

This dude Wiley only became famous in the art world because he’s a racist gay black male, and if that’s not enough for you, check this out: he doesn’t even made these portraits, as he prefers to outsource his “job”, i.e he hires cheap Chinese labor to do his paintings.