SHOCK: Federal Agents Found Fetuses in Body Broker’s Warehouse

body broker fetuses

Four preserved fetuses were discovered by Federal agents in the Detroit warehouse of a “body broker”, i.e. a man who was in the business of trafficking human body parts. The four fetuses, which look like they were aborted in their 2nd trimester were immersed in a liquid that also contained human brain tissue.

The grim discovery was made in December 2013, during a raid at a warehouse in Detroit, whose owner was businessman Arthur Rathburn. Arthur is a former “body broker” and he was accused of scamming his customers by sending them tainted body parts. His trial is set for January 2018 (he pleaded not guilty).

It is not clear how businessman Arthur Rathburn managed to acquire the four aborted fetuses and what were his intentions with them. His lawyers did not elaborate on the issue as they refused to comment. The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Bob Goodlatte respectively, has said:

“The actions depicted in these photos are an insult to human dignity.”

It’s interesting to learn that “body brokers” are engaged in a legal business in the US (as in the buying and selling of cadavers and other body parts), as this multi million dollar industry is virtually unregulated, thriving especially on poor people who donate their bodies, and in return they benefit from a free cremation of what’s left over after the “body brokers” finish with the “business”. However, trading fetal tissue is another matter altogether, as it violates US law.

When SCOTUS Justice Ginsberg drops dead, President Trump can nominate someone who knows an unborn baby is a human being with constitutional rights. Abortion will be finished and America will be resorted.  Also, consider this: the bodies were found in 2013 and it took 4 years for it to come to the light of day. What other ghoulish crimes were covered up by the previous administration’s “Justice Department?”

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Peter Yates