SHOCK POLL: 1 in 3 Californians Support Secession

Many Californians Dreaming of Their Own Country Without Trump


After Donald Trump won the presidential election, a lot of sore liberals became incredibly angry and dissatisfied with the electoral system in the US, hence they started dreaming of their own safe spaces, i.e. a brand new country where absolutely everybody shares the exact same opinion about Hitler incarnate (read Donald Jesus Trump).

And California being the largest liberal-per capita state in the Union, it’s no wonder that writing a book called Dreams of Secession would sell like fresh baked bread in the Sunshine State.

According to a very recent opinion poll, 1 in every 3 Californian residents would support a peaceful withdrawal from the Union, which is a (nice and fluffy) code word for secession.

California is America’s most populous state, boasting 39 million residents and God knows how many illegals. Also, the Sunshine State is world’s sixth largest economy and according to many progressive thinkers, already a nation state.

However, it’s not clear which nation would that be, I mean Spanish or Anglo Saxon or what? Trump’s epic victory in the presidential election (not in California obviously), as unlikely as it seemed initially, gave a huge boost to secessionists in their quest for removing California from the US.

The secessionist move is dubbed Calexit and it’s “marketed” so to speak by an organization called Yes California, which is run by an ex conservative turned progressive dude who ironically lives in Russia.

Yes, it’s the Russians again and this time it’s for real folks.

The last time Californians were asked about their thoughts on secession was in 2014 and back then it was one in five in favor of becoming their own “nation state”, as opposed to today’s one in three.

The sharp spike is due to The Donald effect, there’s no doubt about it.

It’s interesting to notice that in recent years, California was way ahead the national average favoring secession, together with Texas.

Some say that one in three Californians is an illegal alien anyway, hence the respective poll doesn’t prove a thing after all.

Joke aside, it’s up to Donald Trump to make California great again, as many blue/white collar Californians feel that their state was run into the ground by decades of liberal policies and liberal agenda.

Source Yahoo

Photo Courtesy of Twitter