Shocking: 23,000 Potential Jihadists in the UK

uk jihad

Following the latest Islamic terrorist attack in London from Saturday night, we just got word about UK’s real enemy within: there are at least 23,000 potential jihadists on Britain soil as we speak and it is practically impossible for the security services to monitor them all.

As a cute factoid, one of the London Bridge terrorists from Saturday was well known to British intelligence services, as he starred in a 2016  documentary called “The Jihadists Next Door”. One of the Saturday terrorists is named Khuram Shazad Butt, a Pakistani born 27 year old Islamist who was investigated in 2015 after being reported via UK’s anti-terrorism hotline but he wasn’t considered a priority.

The second attacker identified by British police is Rachid Redouane, a 30 year old of Moroccan/Libyan descent. But these two are just the tip of the iceberg with regard to UK’s inner problems with Islam. According to a report from British security services, there are over 23,000 potential terrorists/jihadists on the radar and considering that following just one of them 24/7/365 would require 60 people working around the clock, monitoring them all is practically impossible.

The new 23,000 number is almost 6 times bigger than the figure released after last month’s Manchester terrorist attack by the Home Office. At that time, it was revealed that British intelligence services were conducting 500 live investigations into three thousand plus radical Islamists, including over 400 jihadists who were allowed to return from conflict zones like Syria and Iraq where they fought with ISIS (Islamic State), the quintessential Islamic terrorist group in the world today.

What does that mean? Well, basically there are not enough resources to monitor these people, even if it is claimed that over eighteen terror plots have been foiled in Britain since 2013. Last year, British security forces operated 260 terrorism-related arrests, with 13% of them being of people suspected of planning terrorist attacks on British soil.

Funny how they can find the time to monitor Facebook and Twitter though, and get doors smashed in before it’time for cornflakes if you engage in “hate speech” online.