Shocking FBI Stats Show 61% Increase in Felonious Cop-Killings YoY

cops feloniously killed

The Federal Bureau of Investigation just released its 2016 Law Enforcement Officers Killed And Assaulted report (also known as  LEOKA) on Wednesday and the figures are grim: 118 law enforcement officers were killed in 2016 in the line of duty. More than half (66) were felonious cop killings (the rest of the 52 were accidental), which makes for a whopping 61% increase vs 2015 and a 144% increase vs 2013 figures.

It’s pretty obvious that the shocking increase in felonious cop killings year over year coincides with an unparalleled surge in crime and homicides in cities like Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago in the last couple of years, which includes an extraordinary increase in criminal attacks against law enforcement officers.

In addition to the 118 cops killed in the line of duty as per 2016 numbers, 57,180 police officers were assaulted, with thirty percent of them being injured as a consequence. In 2015, 41 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed on the job and 45 died accidentally. The 2015 LEOKA report reveals that 50,212 cops were assaulted.

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To break the numbers up, out of the 66 cops killed in the line of duty by thugs in 2016, 17 were killed in ambushes, 13 following disturbance calls and 9 while investigating suspicious people and/or circumstances. 509 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in the last decade, at an average age of forty years old, with 87% of cops being white and 96% men. Speaking of diversity, this is not very diverse now, is it?

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And the cherry on top is that 92% of all law enforcement officers murders since 2007 have been carried using guns, a factoid that will make the DEMs in DC and CNN very happy. Finally, it would have been nice to see the FBI showing us a race breakdown of perpetrators too, but we’ll just wait and see about that, stay tuned.