Shocking: Swedish “Expert” in Islamophobia Calls for Attacks on Sweden as he joins ISIS

Michael Skråmo Al Swedi

Oh-so-tolerant and multicultural Sweden, a European country which seems to be determined to continue on its suicidal course of becoming the first Islamic EU nation is also home to many so-called experts in Islamophobia (a made up word by the left), like Mr. Michael Nikolai Skramo.

This guy is a self proclaimed multicultural expert with a PhD in Islamophobia, a born and bred Swede with absolutely no migrant background. The thing is, Michael Nikolai Skramo used to be an Islamophobia/Multicultural expert, as he now turned his back to his native country and he joined ISIS.

Imagine my shock, a hard core globalist, pro open border multiculturalist and a promoter of Islam in his home country was spotted in an ISIS (Islamic State) propaganda video, boasting an AK 47 and showing off his khakis, err, his desert camouflage uniform.

Al Swedi

I mean, this guy is far out, that he now calls himself Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi and obviously, he converted to Islam. Our hero Al Swedi appeared in the ISIS flick in 2015, providing motivational encouragement and giving various advice to wannabe jihadists, asking his fellow Muslims in Sweden and all over the western world to join the Islamic State as soon as possible.

In September 2014, Michael Nikolai Skramo aka Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi  moved to Syria together with his wife and 4 kids. Obviously, he moved in an ISIS controlled region in Syria and he filmed his propaganda videos for Islamic State near a Syrian city, Kobane respectively, where he preaches/practices jihad and asks his fellow Swedish jihadist comrades to leave Sweden and come join him in the holy war against the infidels.

To qute Al Swedi:

“My brothers, ‘hijra’ (migration) and ‘jihad’ are so simple. It only costs a few thousand ‘lapp’ [Swedish kroner]. Do you not wish in in your heart to fight and show God what you have to offer him? The door to jihad is standing there waiting for you. It’s the fastest way to Jannah [Paradise].”

“I want you to be here with me. I want us to hang out in Jannah. My wonderful brothers, take this decision, trust in Allah, sacrificing your money and your life for Allah, and you will receive the highest from Allah “.

he says in Swedish in the ISIS blockbuster. The 29 year old Michael Skråmo converted to Islam in 2005 according to Expressen and he traveled in many Islamic countries, studying the Koran and learning Arabic. What’s very interesting is that Al Swedi kept collecting welfare checks from the Swedish government while he was fighting for the Islamic State in Syria. Now the former multiculturalist extraordinaire and Islamophobia expert is calling for terrorist attacks on Sweden, his home country, according to Swedish broadcaster SVT.

There are at least 100 Swedish nationals fighting for the Islamic State in Raqqa only, making from Sweden an exporter of international Islamic terrorism and also a sponsor of Islamic jihad via welfare.

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s called Stockholm Syndrome, now you know. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. And if you needed more proof that “liberals” are going full jihad on Western values, well, this is proof in a nutshell.

Source The Local