Show of Force: Supersonic Bombers Fly Over Korean Peninsula

us bombers fly over Korean peninsula

On Tuesday night, the United States Air Force conducted joint live fire drills near the Korean peninsula with regional allies, during which two US bombers simulated a “delivery of fire and fury” to the rogue North Korean regime.

The live-fire drills were conducted by 2 U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers, which flew to the East Sea/Sea of Japan and rendezvous with Japanese and South Korean military planes. The US bombers departed Andersen Air Force Base in Guam and were assigned to the 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron. These large scale and highly provocative (in Pyongyang’s view) drills marked a premiere for the U.S. Pacific Command B-1B Lancers, i.e. this is the first time these bombers are joining their South Korean and Japanese counterparts in a live fire training exercise at night.

As US Air Force Major Patrick Applegate of 613th Air Operation Center explained:

“This is a clear demonstration of our ability to conduct seamless operations with all of our allies anytime anywhere,”

According to Yonhap News Agency, the American, Japanese and South Korean bombers executed an air to ground missile strike in the Sea of Japan/East Sea. The joint drills and bomber flights can be regarded as a response to North Korea’s provocations/threats. As per a statement via the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“Through the practice this time, South Korean and U.S. air forces showed off the allies’ resolve for strong retaliation against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats,”

The US supersonic bombers which flew over the Korean peninsula in a show of force faced Kim Jong Un’s threats to shoot them down, as tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear program are starting to reach boiling point. The live fire drill comes just a couple of days after President Trump threatened North Korea via Twitter, saying that “only one thing will work” with regard to dealing with Pyongyang:

“Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid.

“… Hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of U.S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!”

Photo Reuters