Showdown: President Trump and Paul Ryan Head for Clash

President’s First Address to Do-Nothing Congress

President Donald Trump will address the Congress for the first time on Tuesday, February 28th and here are a few details which will most definitely put him on a collision course with the House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump proposed to slash dramatically domestic spending for mitigating the 2 biggest (budget related) problems of the federal government: Medicare and Social Security. President’s address to  the”do nothing Congress” is the first battle in a war between the 2 executive powers which will determine who will be in control of the GOP’s ideology in the future.

There are many changes to come, as announced by The Donald during his campaign, including a big increase in infrastructure spending, a revision of the tax code and an effort to balance the federal budget.

President Trump will present the Congress with his budget plans on Tuesday night and that will most probably start a turf war with Paul Ryan, who will try to mitigate the budget deficit without enforcing severe cuts to federal programs and without tax increases.

Donald Trump’s budget plan will probably include a tax/regulatory reform and also an increase of military/law enforcement spending by 100 billion dollars over the next eighteen months.

According to various sources, there is a fear that President Trump will try to cut entitlement spending i.e. health care, social security and so on and so forth, while the Democrats (and some of the RINOS) will fight him tooth and nail for protecting their electoral pool, i.e. those who are dependent on welfare/social security.

President Trump’s advisers say that he will use his speech on prime time Tuesday for presenting his progresses made on the campaign promises so far, while Republicans are hoping that the President will come prepared with specifics regarding the replacement/repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the overhaul of the country’s tax system.

It’s also expected from Donald Trump to set aside his war with the fake-news media, the courts and the intelligence community. However, that’s highly improbable.

Consider this: all new Presidents are enjoying a honeymoon (the first 100 days) from the press and the “system” so to speak, but that did not apply to Donald Trump who was attacked relentlessly since day one by the media, not to mention the federal courts which blocked his executive order regarding immigration or the “shadow government” leaking his conversations with other heads of state.

Source AP