Slowest Growing Group in US (whites) to Lose Majority by 2040

white america

According to the latest data released earlier on Thursday by the  Census Bureau, the median age in most areas of the United States is on the rise while the population is getting more diverse (as in non-white) by the year. The thing is, with America’s median age rising to 37,9 years in 2016 from 35,3 years in 2001, the population of white Americans is lingering behind, showing a significantly slower growth rate compared to minority groups.

Currently speaking, the United States is still a majority white country, hence the median age rising signifies that the whites are having less kids as they used to back in 2001. The number of whites in the United States grew by half percent in 2016, reaching 256 million. By comparison, the Asian population grew by 3 percent, to 21,4 million whilst the African American population grew by 1.2 percent to 46,8 million; finally, the Hispanic population grew by 2 percent, reaching 57,5 million in 2016.

While the US is struggling with a shrinking and aging population, at least when it comes to whites, due to economic hardship and the average marriage age rising (due to the same economic circumstances), we’re not the only ones facing these issues. Europe and Japan are also facing a demographic problem i.e. an aging population, which throws a huge monkey wrench in the ponzi scheme that is social welfare (there are not enough working age people to pay taxes for supporting the retirees).

One consequence of an aging population is its effect it has on growth rates for white Americans, as people can’t afford to get married and have children at the same rates as 20-30 years ago. It’s economics, stupid, to quote from the classics. Henceforth, by 2040 as Associated Press reports, whites will no longer be the majority ethnic group in the United States.