SNAP: CBS’ Colbert gives Nazi salute to President Trump (VIDEO)

stepehn colbert nazi salute

Stephen Colbert is a host for CBS’ Late Show and his “latest trick”, which by the way looks like a desperate cry for attention, consisted in giving a Nazi salute to President Trump during his most recent attempt  at comparing the POTUS with “literally Hitler” on Thursday night.

Prior to giving the Donald a Nazi salute, Stephen Colbert mocked Trump’s former White House Chief Adviser Steve Bannon, saying that he looks like a corpse discovered floating in a harbor. Then, Stephen Colbert  commented on Steve Bannon’s appearance on 60 Minutes.

Colbert decided that throwing Nazi salutes right and left would be a good idea, and he did just that while making jokes about President Trump’s response to Charlottesville violence.

“He’s definitely taking it to a higher level. I’d say his support is about right up there,”

has said Colbert, while making the Nazi salute.

“Right about here.”

CNN recently fired one of their employees (Jeffrey Lord, a Trump aficionado) for a similar stunt, as Jeffrey tweeted “Sieg Heil” to the president of Media Matters Angelo Carusone, indicating that the latter’s behavior is fascistic. CNN did not get the joke.


Now Colbert is using the Nazi salute as an argument for proving Trump’s sympathy for neo-Nazis.

Why a Nazi salute one may ask? Well, because it’s normal for a person who claims not to like Nazis to practice getting their salute just right. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – sounds like Colbert wanted to flatter his heroes. Joke aside, it’s amazing to me that people are still watching this sad clown.