SNAP! Russia Accuses Germany, UK and France Of Interfering in US Elections

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Finally Snapped on Wednesday


After having listening the US mainstream media’s obsessive meme about Russia meddling in the US elections  for the last couple of months, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov finally snapped today and said that France, UK and Germany have grossly interfered in the foreign affairs of the United States.

Lavrov commented that all the accusations against his country were totally fake news, as mainstream media presented zero evidence about the so called hack attacks originating from Russia, not to mention the fabricated news which were pedaled by the likes of CNN, Washington Post and Buzzfeed.

The concerted smearing campaign against Russia culminated with Barack Hussein Obama’s expulsion of thirty five Russian diplomats. Today, Sergey Lavrov accused top officials and leaders of EU countries of demonizing Donald Trump and campaigning for Hillary Clinton, thus grossly interfering in the US elections. As a matter of fact, this is very true, but Lavrov forgot to mention Pope Bergoglio, the ex bouncer from South America who also campaigned vigorously against The Donald.

Unlike the unsubstantiated accusations regarding Russia’s interference with the US elections, Lavrov’s claims can be easily verified (as in proven) with a simple internet search.

Russia’s foreign minster’s angry outburst happened during a press conference that took place in the aftermath of a meeting with Austria’s foreign minister Sebastian Kurz. Lavrov said that Moscow is sick and tired of being accused by the West of interfering in the US elections and that it’s time to acknowledge the fact it was the complete opposite, i.e. it was US friends and allies who grossly interfered in America’s internal affairs, namely in the election campaign.

Which again, is an indisputable fact. Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and other EU officials essentially demonized Donald Trump  during the entire election campaign and they did not mince words either, pretty far from it actually.

Just 7 months ago in August, Frank Walther Steinmeier, Germany’s Foreign Minister called Donald Trump a hate preacher, while Boris Johnson, UK’s Foreign Secretary said last month that Trump is unfit to become President after Donald’s statement about no-go areas in parts of London (which are an undisputable fact).

Lavrov also stated:

“Trump says that if the promotion of US national interests would lead to a chance of working with Russia, it would be foolish not to do that.

Our approach is the same: where our interests coincide, we should be and are ready to work together with the US as well as the EU and NATO,”


Source: RT