Snowden: Government Paying to Keep Software Unsafe

In the aftermath of the WikiLeaks data dump (the Vault 7 extravaganza), former NSA whistle-blower and contractor Edward Snowden made a series of declarations about the “happening”, saying that the data looks authentic and it’s genuinely a big deal, end quote.

Edward Snowden vouching for WikiLeaks is not such a shocker after all, as WikiLeaks has a 100% proven record of releasing authentic and untouched raw data for more than a decade now, however, it’s nice to hear Mr. Snowden confirming what we’ve already suspected.

The Vault 7 data dump shows how CIA’s covert hacking program targets basically any internet connected device in the world, including cars, appliances like TV sets (the internet of things), smartphones, computers etc via custom made malware which bypasses any type of encryption protection.

After the Vault 7 data dump, WikiLeaks official account tweeted that :

WikiLeaks #Vault7 confirms CIA can effectively bypass Signal + Telegram + WhatsApp + Confide encryption.”

Edward Snowden retorted to the tweet saying that it incorrectly suggests that the CIA actually hacked the apps encryption. He went further into explaining that the Vault 7 docs reveal that Android and iOS smartphones were hacked, which according to the famous NSA whistle blower is much worse.



Edward Snowden also said in a separate tweet that he’s still parsing through the huge amount of data, but from what he has seen so far, it’s the real deal and judging from the office names in the documents, what we’re dealing with here is a Snowden 2.0, i.e. a cleared insider to use his own words.





Mr. Snowden is currently living in Russia, where he was granted asylum in 2013 after he revealed classified information from the covert NSA programs.