Social Media Crackdown on Conservatives?

diamond and silk youtube censorship

Two famous pro Trump YouTube personalities went on to Twitter earlier on Thursday accusing YouTube (which is owned by Google, mind you) of demonetizing 95% of their videos. Diamond and Silk seem to believe the reason for them getting the short end of the stick is their support for the POTUS.






The thing is, The First Amendment is not meant to protect you against  “corporate retaliation”,  it just protects political speech, as in restricts the government from punishing people for their political views, nothing more. Furthermore, political affiliation or viewpoint is not a protected class under the federal Civil Rights Act.

However, one may argue that YouTube is a “public accommodation,” just like bakeries (remember the bakery which was destroyed/bankrupted after its owner refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple on religious grounds). If bakeries cannot discriminate, i.e. they cannot practice freedom of association, much more, Google/YouTube cannot. YouTube isn’t even putting personal artistic skill into the videos that are made for it, and bakeries don’t hold a near-monopoly the way Google/YouTube does.

It looks like the Cultural Marxists are currently winning the Internet censorship war. The whole “Fake News” story was the Progressive ploy to justify censorship of the right by the Internet monopolies Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth and so on.

The mainstream media took a big hit by being exposed as Fake News but more importantly, the Left is now taking away the right’s ability to communicate. How?

Well, the Left is restoring the CBS, ABC, NBC monopoly on the news of yesteryear by shutting down all conservative voices on the big Internet platforms.

Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are monopolies due to their network effect. In order to curtail the massive political power of these companies AG Jeff Sessions needs to initiate an anti-trust lawsuit that results in these firms having to adhere to a content neutrality policy except for the promotion of violence.

And then, here’s Paul Joseph Watson:


Via Washington Times